Where Did All The Rebels Go?
When Donna ends her abusive marriage after 27-years she couldn’t predict the events that would follow or how the next chapter of her life would unfold. At 47, a few months after her separation Donna is living as a property guardian in an abandoned Catholic School in Central London, a sharp contrast to her marital home in Norich. 
When we speak to her, Covid-19 has taken its grip on the world, and Donna is living a lifestyle far removed from social norms – she’s signed off from work due to mental health, which enables her to fill her days with sleep, rising at 8pm, lighting a fag and pouring a Guinness as Adam Ant plays on vinyl.  
She dresses in Vivienne Westwood and Dr. Martens, ready to fill empty corridors and shadowy rooms with her enigmatic, contagious personality. She now refers to this time as her “sabbatical from life”. Sometimes in order to rebuild, first you need to deconstruct.
Each photograph in this series is nuanced with Donna's personal story, influences, and self-reflections. The stylistic punk references allow her to visually connect to her formative years, the backdrop of the Catholic school adding a juxtaposed dimension to her rule-breaker persona. We additionally captured insights into her world on film as an identity piece, which will air online as a short documentary.  
Production Designer: Annabel Shingler
Makeup Artist: Elizabeth Owen Perry

Director/Producer: Anna Jurek
Director of Photography: Edward Massey
Photographer: Eleni Parousi

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