Tribesta is a safety app that is designed to connect you to your closest friends and family and anyone else in your tribe – to help keep your world a safer one. With one tap and four alert options, from the every day 'I'm OK' to an unexpected emergency. The App uses GPS and internet to make all of this happen. Aim: To design a print campaign for bus shelters advertising the app and a mobile and web design to allow users to login/ sign-up, download the app and learn more. Method: The print and digital campaign is marketed towards family and friends who want to know their loved ones are OK, where-ever they are. To capture an essence of concern and worry the print campaign uses negative space which surrounds the subject and creates a sense of ambiguity leaving the viewer unable to determine the expression or feeling of the subject. The image is paired with the tagline "Know they're safe know now" and a smart phone to reinforce the instant one tap "I'm OK" feature of the app.

Digital Design, Marketing, Print Advertising
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